Push yourself to the limit for 15 days
Intensive training or self studying?

We, at the TRA, offer a 15-day-long intensive ramen course. Our curriculum is designed for you to learn everything you need to know to open a ramen restaurant: from lectures on financing and how to make a profit to practical trainings such as noodle maker operation and soup stock making. Some of the lessons may not be so easy, but please remember that they will all be a tremendous asset for you one day. In our ramen industry, there was a time when we used to say “Originality is born from self studying”. It is true in a way, but untrue in another.

Patience and continuity are the keys to originality

Many of us struggle to create an original dish, especially when you work and learn from one master at a single restaurant. The flavor, recipes and cooking methods are imprinted in you and it becomes very difficult to break away from them. It is highly risky if you do not know how to tweak and arrange your recipe to create something new as a restaurant owner. After all, who can ever promise you that your customers would never get tired of your ramen?

There is a self-taught man I know who opened up a restaurant all on his own. The ramen he presents are highly original and he has been successful. You must understand, however, that not everyone is capable of accomplishing what he has done. It is only possible for those with an outstanding talent, and that is rare. Let’s say you have some talent, but have neither skills nor knowledge to create something new and unique. You can easily imagine how risky it would be to keep serving the same old monotonous ramen every day to your customers.

What you need to do to make your ramen dream come true

You need to be prepared for any crisis you may face. For example, by the time you realize that your profit is declining, you have very little time left to cope with the situation. Monthly spending such as employees’ salaries, bills, mortgages and your own living expenses will not wait for you to come up with some new ideas that may or may not turn around your business.

You can come up with the best recipes ever, and you still can be threaten by a large major ramen restaurant in the neighborhood with similar kinds of ramen on their menu. Or, one of your former employees may open up a restaurant with exactly the same dishes but 100 yen cheaper. In this competitive world of ramen, you would never know what could happen next.

We pay attention to training you at TRA to prepare yourself for any kind of hardship you may face. Learn how to deal with the problems with strength and flexibility. I assure you that it is not easy, but still there are so many ramen enthusiasts that have succeeded and made their dreams come true. It is now your turn to do so.